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Wedding Services

Does this sound like you?

You and your partner don't subscribe to a religious belief system, but would like to have a wedding ceremony that is full of beauty, meaning and inclusiveness. Getting married at city hall doesn't appeal to you, and you aren't interested in connecting with a place of worship just for the purpose of getting married.

You can have your dream wedding ceremony, with custom readings and vows, in the location of your choice and full of special moments without compromising your secular values.

Naming Ceremonies

In welcoming and naming a child, we celebrate one of life's continuing miracles, the birth of a human being and continuation of human kind. We rejoice that the baby has been born into the care of not only his or her parents, but also of the care of friends and family. A naming ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for parents, grandparents, family and friends to meet your child, and pledge their commitment to nurture and support.

Celebration of Life

The goal of the Humanist End of Life celebration is for a community to gather to honour the deceased, remember the positive aspects of their life and show support for the family. Our words may help to explain from a Humanist perspective why death is a part of life and to normalize the range of emotions we may all feel at the loss of a loved one.

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